Thursday, 18 January 2018

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

My Ideas for my Animation

Initial Ideas - A Beautiful Symphony

In terms of style I'd like my animation to interpret the abstract and playfulness of the UPA genre of  animation. This will enable me to play around with the shape, colour and sounds of the musical instruments.

I am also considering designing imagery that matches  the sounds that the instruments make, creating a quirky, bright and colourful atmosphere and space.

A group of musical instruments are stored and tucked away in cupboards within a music room. When the humans leave the room they come to life. There are some old, rusty and dusty instruments who feel no longer useful or needed.  They are jealous  of the  young, new, bright  and shiny instruments that seem to get all the attention.

Each instrument has their own personality and communicate to each other through their unique sounds. There is some obvious and understandable rivalry between the instruments and  a power struggle ensues as each tries to gain superiority.

After making individual contributions which become a noise of  ugly sounds, they realise that they need to be in harmony with each other to create a beautiful symphony.

In the final scene that symphony is heard and the contribution of each instrument is valued.

The beginning of this video depicts a group of instruments making individual sounds. The noise is harsh, raucous and messy. The end of the video is tuneful, harmonious and tidy.

This influence map shows the style and character of the animation that I hope to create:

My Questions

1) Perhaps the animation could start in black and white? Then end in a diverse and bright array of colours?

2) How characterful are the instruments? Or will they be more mechanical?

3) How would I create a 'UPA Style' in 3D Maya?

4) Is my time period old or modern?

Part 5 - Gloved Hands

Part 5 - Gloved Hands

Monday, 15 January 2018

Life Drawing - Lesson 10

Black Pen - 10/15 mins

Black Pen - 10 mins each

Sharpie Pens 2 - 5 Minute Poses