Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Improved Cowgirl Bug - Designs

Cowgirl Bug Designs

Life Drawing - Lesson 8

Maker Pen and Charcoal - 20 mins

Marker Pen 1-3 minute poses

Marker Pen and Charcoal - 20 mins

Advice from Justin - Character Designs

  • Too relaxed
  • Add some eyebrows to show more emotion 
  • More angles to show anger
  • Have the eyes more inside the head
  • Rotate the head to view it from a different perspective
  • Study and observe hat designs

Character - Props and Sidekicks

Exercise 1 - to give Donkey a prop. Seeing as he has no hands, I decided to dress him up as a knight's horse:

Donkey from Shrek

Exercise 2 - I got the Medieval category. I had to make this category more comedic. So I exaggerated the ladies fashion during that time period.

Ladies from the Medieval Period

5 Reasons Why the film Dancer in the Dark (2001) is Postmodern

Hyperrealism - The film constantly switches from fantasy to reality. Especially when the main character, Selma begins to daydream about being in her own musical. Selma imagines a more fairer and better world, compared to the life that she is living.

Intertextuality - Its a musical within a musical. The film references other films. For example Selma is playing the lead role in The Sound Of Music, she not only sings these songs in rehearsal but also in other parts of the film.

Appropriation - Selma sings "My Favourite Things" from the sound of music. She gives the song a new context by singing it from her prison cell.

Fragmented - the narrative is broken into many different parts, we get to see the story from each characters perspective.

Deconstructs - it doesn't fulfill your expectations of a musical. Most musicals have a happy ending but this one ends with the main character dying!