Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Logo Design Idea

Cosmic Orchid Studio - Logo Idea 

Here is my first logo idea. I decided to place a single Orchid on the moon as I didn't want to over complicate the design. Hopefully this will make it easier to remember as a viewer. 

Logo Design Influence Maps

Cosmic Influence Map

Orchid Influence Map

As a group we wanted our studio name to be more personal. We did this by discussing our likes and interests. From this information we found two words that appealed to us: "Cosmic" and "Orchid." By adding Studios on the end we eventually came up with "Cosmic Orchid Studios." Although the words don't relate to each other we thought it made our name more unique and interesting.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Personal Work - Butterfly Tree

Here I have designed a simplistic butterfly tree in Maya. My Mum is helping run a residential weekend for families and needed a design for the ongoing theme.

The quote underneath says "There are two gifts we should give our children: one is roots and the other is wings."

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Reflective Statement - Fantastic Voyage

I was daunted by the size of this project and the scientific aspect I would need to understand for it to be successful. However once I had the idea of seeing the human cell as a marble on a marble run I was more able to grasp the cell cycle process. I focused initially was on creating the marble run stage and because I felt comfortable with idea I probably spent too long on it. Strengths of this phase were that:

  • The scenes were colourful
  • Fun
  • Varied in their style and direction of travel
  • I learnt new skills in using a deformer
If I was to do the project again I would:

  • Make sure that the marble could be seen more clearly through the tunnel
  • Add suitable sounds to the marble run
  • Shorten the time of this phase
I most enjoyed creating the marble because:
  • I could experiment with colours
  • I was managing a perfect shape
  • It looked like a marble and it looked like a cell
  • The frame containing the mass of marbles is colourful fun, inviting and pleasing to the eye
I probably wouldn't alter the marble in any way. 

As I moved into the cell cycle phases I tried to retain the child like, toy like theme and I looked for inspiration in children toys. The DNA was not easy to create in this respect but by adding a fork and suggesting that it was like spaghetti I felt it was something the viewer would relate to. Using the curve tool in Maya I made, then duplicated and then rotated the shapes. The main difficulty was trying to make the entire cycle plastic looking. 

The chromosomes were difficult to animate but I was inspired by the idea that they were trapeze artists. Using the squash and stretch method I was able to present there act. 

I do recognize that there were a lot of different styles in my animation and therefor the film did not always flow seamlessly. If I were to do the project again Id keep the art style more consistent and less varied.

I had originally thought about using a jack in the box to sign post my animation but instead used a spring and an arrow. I do feel that this was my most effective movement because its shape and sound flowed well. 

As has happened previously I become so engrossed and obsessed with the creation and animation that I loose site of the importance and help that sound design can provide. I was pleased that I was able to synchronize the sound and identify an effective voice over. 

On reflection the target audience than I had originally planned. Although I have had feedback from current GCSE students who have enjoyed the animation. 

I cannot deny that I have worked every waking hour on this project. When I compare my initial attempts at the beginning of the year I can see the extent of my improvement and I am proud. I know that I still have a long way to go but will benefit from being able to find my way easily around the Software Process and I look forward to Year 2! 

Animation Showreel - Final

Animation Showreel from Jennifer Ball on Vimeo.

Links to my animations: 

Life Drawing - Scribd Document

Life Drawing by Jennifer Ball on Scribd